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I’m a programmer and musician who loves learning about technology and making useful things to share on the web.

Javascript is my programming language of choice. With a wealth of amazing libraries and frameworks available, developers can create almost any type of software. I am most proficient with Node, Express, React, Sequelize, and PostgreSQL. I am knowledgeable in Python, Electron, React Native, Jekyll, SASS, AngularJS, Aurelia JS, Gulp, Wordpress, PHP, Chrome Extensions, Bluebird, Mocha, Chai, Heroku, and Amazon AWS. My goals are to gain expertise in mobile development, C, functional programming, and more.

My interest in programming began in 2000 when I began making websites in HTML to share my music and creative writing. Since then, I’ve built dozens of portfolio and band websites using HTML, CSS, and Wordpress. My passion for computer science solidified after taking a course in the fundamentals using Python. Nowadays, it’s very difficult to pull me away from my coding projects!

To learn more about my music and educational programs, visit: SongMind Studios and scraggo - Bandcamp.

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